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56 Widmer St , Toronto , Ontario , M5V 2E9 , Canada
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By Paula

5 Apr 2, 2020

An amazing company run by amazing people

I was able to find a parking spot quickly and with no problems. Any questions I had were answered promptly and professionally and there were never any issues with the spot. Would highly recommend using Spaceishare
By Thomas Hamilton

5 Jan 25, 2019

A great company run by a really nice lady

The people at spaceIshare are absolute stars - I found them to be incredibly helpful and responsive to my storage needs. Not only did Sarah and Cam find me very reasonably priced storage space which perfectly matched my needs - but they take a really hands on approach and go the extra mile to ensure that both renter and rentee are happy. I highly recommend these folks to anyone with belongings they need to store cheaply and safely and I'll definitely be using them going forward. 11 out of 10. Thomas Hamilton
By Joel Mandelbaum

5 Jul 10, 2018

Great place to find storage near me!

SpaceIShare provides a really cool way to find storage near me, and at a very affordable price. When looking for storage space, whether it's for your car or general storage, I would highly recommend Space I Share for a convenient, affordable way to store your stuff!
By SpaceiShare

5 May 23, 2018

My spot was rented out through her site within a week.

Ewelina Lipska (Host) I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Wang last summer at a street festival. I was looking by myself to rent out my parking spot in front of my home. She helped me create my profile and recommended the rate in my area for rental of spot. My spot was rented out through her site within a week. I highly recommend this site to anyone. Best part is the site is FREE to register!!!
By SpaceiShare

5 May 23, 2018

These guys have a great way to connect people.

David Hyde (Renter) I live in a commercial/residential neighbourhood and parking is a premium. I looked for month and not one parking spot came available. The resources at SpaceiShare opened up a whole new bunch of options and I actually had a choice! I locked a new parking spot within a week of using SpaceiShare. This is a game changer as I knew that the space I needed was there, its just a matter of finding it. These guys have a great way to connect people.
By SpaceiShare

5 May 22, 2018

Kevin is a happy Host!

He's making $200 a month for storing in his basement that he never uses...
By SpaceiShare

5 May 22, 2018

Lynette Loved SpaceiShare!

"...they even provided me a truck!"