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By SpaceiShare

5 May 23, 2018

My spot was rented out through her site within a week.

Ewelina Lipska (Host) I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Wang last summer at a street festival. I was looking by myself to rent out my parking spot in front of my home. She helped me create my profile and recommended the rate in my area for rental of spot. My spot was rented out through her site within a week. I highly recommend this site to anyone. Best part is the site is FREE to register!!!
By SpaceiShare

5 May 23, 2018

These guys have a great way to connect people.

David Hyde (Renter) I live in a commercial/residential neighbourhood and parking is a premium. I looked for month and not one parking spot came available. The resources at SpaceiShare opened up a whole new bunch of options and I actually had a choice! I locked a new parking spot within a week of using SpaceiShare. This is a game changer as I knew that the space I needed was there, its just a matter of finding it. These guys have a great way to connect people.
By SpaceiShare

5 May 22, 2018

Kevin is a happy Host!

He's making $200 a month for storing in his basement that he never uses...
By SpaceiShare

5 May 22, 2018

Lynette Loved SpaceiShare!

"...they even provided me a truck!"
By Daniel

4 Nov 27, 2020

Dan Mullie

Very good service. Quick to find a renter for my space and got the price I wanted
By Leslie Jill Mccormack

1 Aug 26, 2022

Not sure why spaceishare is getting good reviews

My first time experience is not good. Found a locker I wanted and went on the website to book it. Two of the screens weren't operating correctly. One of the things I wanted to do was communicate with the person I would be renting from but the system would not let me. I let the administrators of the site know that I was having issues. A stock reply that they would get back to me was sent to me. I never heard from anyone. After giving my credit card # I was told that I would have to wait for up to three days to see if I would get the locker. Waited three days. By mid afternoon I phoned spaceishare but no one answered. Then an agent texted me and said she had no voice and could not talk by phone (?). We texted and I was told that they hadn't been able to get a hold of the locker's owner for a while so the locker was not available. Would like my credit card purged from their system and told them that by text. No response.
Reply by SpaceiShare Aug 26, 2022
Hi Leslie, We're very sorry you had such a bad experience and we're looking into this immediately. Often times, Hosts can be slow to respond and we do our best to stay on top of them. It can take up to 3 days before they accept so we don't like to charge the card until the Host confirms. Your card will not be charged unless they accept and we refund funds whenever required. We will reach out directly via email or phone.